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09 October

♦ New 'BOX OF WORDS' function on the right hand side of the page, type your messages there for the whole wide world to see.

08 October

♦ Much improved layout. Also Character Biography page, and some additions to the sketchbook.
♦ Don't miss the extra comics that just went into thebonus section either!

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Smaller World

Aloha! Glad to be back, so happy to have this comic online after I drunkenly slurred it to Ricky after throwing up in his sink and just prior to passing out on his sofa, almost a year ago now. Good times. More stuff to come soon, we're currently working on an update schedule but for the moment expect regular but not fixed updates.

Thats all for now.


New comic.

So, this is one that we've had planned out for a while now, even had badges made using the punchline. Nice to finally get it out onto the t'internet.

So, y'all been watching Heroes? I can only assume the answer is yes, because you're using the t'internet as we speak, and that means you have access and therefore no excuse. Lots of revelations finally making their way into the new season, the most important of which being that Peter is a woman.

Since it's somewhat captured my imagination, don't be surprised to see some Heroes related sketches turning up on-site for no reason whatsoever.

Rickford out.

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